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Submitted by Ian Carr on 06/21/2017

Ian Carr 1 stars rating.

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C. B. 2 stars rating.

Weak union. Workers are underpaid and overworked. They make good money by working insane hours. The first priority of any union should be to improve working conditions, make all OT voluntary not mandatory, and never give up working conditions under any circumstances. There should be WAY more unionized workers, i.e. 3 shifts of 8hrs for every 24h day. Instead of that, they have people working 12-16hrs everyday.

Submitted by C. B. on 08/17/2022

Andrei Ок 1 stars rating.

12.6 all bridges no access to facilities

Submitted by Andrei Ок on 08/10/2022

W F 1 stars rating.

Please be careful I lost part of my truck roof going to 1 N Broadway Gary IN there is only an office make sure what the right place before go there I can’t tell you because I had to leave without loading

Submitted by W F on 07/02/2022

Raul Sayar 1 stars rating.


Submitted by Raul Sayar on 06/23/2022

Random 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Random on 06/15/2022

Amanda Galbraith 1 stars rating.

First thing..If you're the one that videod my black 389 coming through the water..hit me up coz I want it! ????

Will not be hauling anything else into or out of here. Unless you're lucky enough to have a truck under 12'7", it's a complete mess. Roads are not maintained, one way in has a lake you have to go through about 2ft deep, the other way in I had to idle across and pray nothing got tore up. Aside from showing up at shift change..they did get me loaded pretty quick..Though, wasn't very gentle/slow about slamming the coil down onto my trailer. One of the roughest loading operators I've had in awhile.

Signage is few and far between. You'll want to keep an eye out for "Truck Scales".

Two ways to go in if you're taller than 12'7". You either have the Lake Route or the 3 Bed, 2 Bath Special Route.

Lake Route
912 to Airport Rd
Left onto N. Clark Rd and continue straight to Olympic Steel.
Leave time for trains..I sat for about an hour waiting for one..Had to reschedule my appt.

3 Bed, 2 Bath Special Route
Takes a little longer, but you don't have to worry about not being able to see something under 2ft of water.
912 to exit 6A for Buffington Harbor Dr/Guthrie St
Follow straight until you come to a dirt road T
Make right..Very slow across the tracks.
Continue onto N. Clark Rd and follow straight for awhile.
Make left at stop sign where Lake Route is on your right, Olympic Steel on your left.

Stay right at Olympic Steel and follow old rt 20
At second stop sign (believe it's a T, looks like a quarry on the left) make right onto N. Buchanon St.
Stay straight, when road splits into one way keep in left lane.
Go straight into plant through the light, bear right and follow signs for truck scales.
Before scaling, stop at the trailer by the old bus to check-in and get your gate pass, then go to scale.
Don't answer any questions wrong or you'll be booted for 24hr.

Submitted by Amanda Galbraith on 05/05/2022

M C 3 stars rating.

Very easy to get to just go slow the roads do suck and trains will stop u other then that very easy

Submitted by M C on 03/01/2022

Dion Dickerson 1 stars rating.

Avoid if possible the rough terrain, the loaders will Ignore you for hours while on their phones instead of loading you. Or load other trucks that come hours after you like you haven’t been waiting 2 hours already. The level of disrespect

Submitted by Dion Dickerson on 02/18/2022

Lisa Johnston 4 stars rating.

If you go in on Airport Rd you’ll have to hope the train doesn’t make you late, & there is a huge pot hole that usually hides under deep water, but slow & easy gets you in & out.
We always go in the next exit down on 912 North to Exit 6A. Go right. Then set your gps to the prax air company down that road. (It’s on google maps)
After that just follow road down to check in lot/trailer, take & pass the test. You can check in 30 minutes early.
The Bonus after hellish roads & confusion is They have a school bus food truck there now serving hot food. It was a good pulled pork sandwich! Thankful for the food truck guy ???? We appreciate you!! He stops at about 4pm though.
No sleeping here so head back to the TA on Burr street Exit 6. Stay safe drivers!!

Submitted by Lisa Johnston on 12/08/2021

Pikapetey Animations 4 stars rating.

Cool looking place

Submitted by Pikapetey Animations on 12/02/2021

Clara Peters 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Clara Peters on 10/22/2021

K. A. 3 stars rating.

The ladies in pass control are NOT very friendly. They act as if you are bothering them. I gave three stars because most of the other employees I have come in contact with are nice (some not all) but that Pass Control needs major work on attitude.

Submitted by K. A. on 08/06/2021

Pasha_Kh 1 stars rating.

Avoid that place if you are going to deliver or pickup a load. A lot of rail road crossings on Clark rd and if it’s going to be a train parked you will get stuck there for a couple hours! I spent there 5 hours!!!

Submitted by Pasha_kh on 05/25/2021

Michael Ingram 1 stars rating.

These peoples freight isn’t worth any money they give you for hauling rude and disrespectful will refuse to help you with directions to the building and after you ask for better directions they snatch your paperwork from your hand and tell you to leave this is the worst place I have been to my entire driving career

Submitted by Michael Ingram on 12/11/2020

Gloss Black 5 stars rating.

Best place on the planet...no, seriously....I mean it.

Submitted by Gloss Black on 11/11/2020

ann walter 2 stars rating.

Update: they've removed the trash can and gathered up some of the litter. Wish they'd leave a rake and shovel so I can get the rest. Moved a food truck in. I added a star

Submitted by Ann Walter on 09/20/2020

Sam Baigaziev 4 stars rating.

Not bad if you take the right road
My direction is for truck 13' 6" height from I-94/I-80 take exit 5 which is us-912 north then exit 6 which is Airport Rd then turn on N Clark Rd and that road will take to the scale house where the receiver too I'm adding some photos too
I hope it helps for those who is coming here for the first time and this is the easiest way to this place
Dont worry for the water under the bridge on n clark st I went through it's not that deep but bumpy little so go slow

Submitted by Sam Baigaziev on 06/05/2020

Archer Sterling 1 stars rating.

If you have a mid-roof truck that’s 12’7’’ high or lower then you can take I 80 ext 9 Grant st . Follow that North till you come to W Fourth Ave . Turn right , Buchanan St turn Left. Then follow that into the plant . Scales on the right 1/2 mile . But if you have a regular big sleeper(13’4’’) then at follow ( W Fourth St turn Left . Follow that 2+ miles or so till you come to N Clark Rd . Turn right . Follow that road and pass a ton of R/R tracks and a bridge that says 15’’1 in height, pass through a couple inches deep of water and you will see Olympic Steel turn right and it will lead you to the front of the plant where the scales are at. No passengers allowed unless they have a CDL.

Submitted by Archer Sterling on 06/02/2020

Boban Stamatovski 3 stars rating.

Whats your steel receiving hours????

Submitted by Boban Stamatovski on 04/22/2020

Lenn Wixson 1 stars rating.

Horrible to get a conastoga into. Roads are not maintained.

Submitted by Lenn Wixson on 01/20/2020

Joshua Davis 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Joshua Davis on 01/08/2020

john ging 1 stars rating.

These people are a joke! i spoke with multiple people here and even after hours security and they refused to help!

Submitted by John Ging on 12/18/2019

Jim Essex 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Jim Essex on 11/12/2019

Craig Vecellio 1 stars rating.

The main entrances are not legal for an STAA truck; 12'5" and 12'7" clearance. Have to go around to Clark Rd and hope it's not flooded out. When coming back out this miserable excuse for an entrance, I went down in a pothole that I could not see because it was covered with water. The pothole was so deep that it caused damage to my bumper and truck body.

Submitted by Craig Vecellio on 10/18/2019

Serghei Zmeu 1 stars rating.

no entrance for trucks

Submitted by Serghei Zmeu on 09/25/2019

Bernard Branch 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Bernard Branch on 06/13/2019

Joseph Beggs 1 stars rating.

Bunch of phony tough wannabe roughnecks.
Im not impressed.

Submitted by Joseph Beggs on 05/23/2019

Eric Manning 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Eric Manning on 05/20/2019

Mihai Rotaru 1 stars rating.

no more here!!!!

Submitted by Mihai Rotaru on 05/06/2019

Leonardo Barboza 1 stars rating.

Worst place for deliveries

Submitted by Leonardo Barboza on 03/21/2019

Dream Chaser 3 stars rating.

1 n clark rd gary in when you arrive make right turn then drive all the way deep down. You will pass a very very bad muddy road. Dont worry you wont get stuck there. Once you make all the way inside. Make right turn then pass receiver to your left and keep going until you see to your left blinking sign or red stop light. Make left u will see scale guard shack. Dont forget to check in before you get to scale its on the left side of the scale booth. U simply walk in and type your inputs into the computer and it will freeze up just tap the screen error will pop up choose continue it will print your A4 format paper hand in to guard he will instruct you. Hot roll 84 located all the way inside. Just ask around people. They will help you. Nice hard working ppl here. Too much noise nasty roads.

Submitted by Dream Chaser on 02/11/2019

Kyle Crout 5 stars rating.

I notice a lot of the bad reviews are from truck drivers, Just take that with a grain of salt, I’ll just leave it at that. But needless to say I have a lot of family and friends that made a good living or retired from here. It can’t be all that bad when people work here 30, 40, 50 years, I hope I’m one of them. I’ve met excellent millwrights and electricians through the years. I get paid well and the benefits are fantastic. The steelworkers union are a proud group. A lot of this stuff out here is amazing. I’ve learned so much working here and met some passionate, great people. I’m proud to work at a place that’s been around over 100 years. I recommend anyone to apply here. Thankful everyday for my job.

Submitted by Kyle Crout on 02/11/2019

Greg bo 3 stars rating.

Yeah it's a dump. Amazing the whole place hasn't blown into the lake by now. The road in is barely passable and you better plan an extra hour waiting for trains. I've loaded there hundreds of times and it never gets better. But once you get in and figure it out, the system usually works pretty well. I figure 2 hours to load and usually works out that way. Most of the crane guys are efficient and friendly and helpful. Not the worst shipper out there by a long shot.

Submitted by Greg Bo on 01/12/2019

Andrei Bulai 4 stars rating.

1 N Clark Rd Gary IN. Its the best way to get in for trucks higher than 12' 7" .
Just put the adress in your GPS and when you get to that point just keep going all the way down and dont forget to read the signs.
Good Luck !!!

Submitted by Andrei Bulai on 12/17/2018

Johnny Lemus 1 stars rating.

No way to enter no answer the phone no good directions Wasted time!

Submitted by Johnny Lemus on 11/26/2018

VICTOR GAIDARJI 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Victor Gaidarji on 11/14/2018

Marla Daniels 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Marla Daniels on 11/12/2018

Jalissa Cain 3 stars rating.

Same as any steele place...its all about your luck

Submitted by Jalissa Cain on 09/07/2018

Betty Thompson 1 stars rating.

This place is literally a joke! If you're delivering a load, Good Luck! They give you a sheet with directions, but its a terrible map. It took an hour to get through this maze of a hell hole. No signs of directions what so ever. You have to be prepared which they don't tell you. Steel toe boots, long pants, safety vest, & hard hat. Its muddy so please drive safe..Never again!! Do not come down Buchanan Street to get here!!! Read other comments to get here, it helped out!

Submitted by Betty Thompson on 09/06/2018

Carlos Rojas 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Carlos Rojas on 07/06/2018

Howard Levy 1 stars rating.

This is one of those pitiful place of business with the title us can't get anyone on the phone to get good directions plus you will share your front front end of your truck off pitiful place

Submitted by Howard Levy on 06/27/2018

Mincho Komitov 2 stars rating.

Stupid place.Direction /exit 9 nort-rd 20 west -clark rd right to the end make right again and the road will take you to the stupid place

Submitted by Mincho Komitov on 06/04/2018

Ryan Collick 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Ryan Collick on 05/27/2018

Olim kodirov 1 stars rating.

Stupet delveri noting recommended us coping

Submitted by Olim Kodirov on 04/10/2018

Ivan Hospodyn 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Ivan Hospodyn on 03/29/2018

Gregory Szkudlarek 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Gregory Szkudlarek on 01/16/2018

Nikola Robajac 1 stars rating.

Horrible place.
If you booked load going here, do yourself a favor and cancel it.
You will damage your equipment and loose time.
Sick place..

Submitted by Nikola Robajac on 12/15/2017

Alex Chalyi 1 stars rating.

Stupid place to make a delivery , low bridges ,
Dear truck drivers DO NOT go on any freaking street such as Buchanan or broadway for entrance, go on IN 53 north , than take left on w4th ave ( us 12) go approx. 2 miles toward N Clark rd (Govent rd)and make right, go all the way down to the facility ( and not be scared go under the bridge with deep water on n Clark st it's just about 20 inches deep)

Submitted by Alex Chalyi on 07/28/2017

Matthew Lusson 3 stars rating.

Submitted by Matthew Lusson on 07/12/2017

Frank Hooks 3 stars rating.

Submitted by Frank Hooks on 06/28/2017

Sean Allums 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Sean Allums on 06/23/2017

Saul Johnson 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Saul Johnson on 06/14/2017

Jim M. 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Jim M. on 06/14/2017

tim Rykhus 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Tim Rykhus on 06/13/2017

Jeffrey Ziola 1 stars rating.

I am a truck driver and I when to check in on there computer system and answered on thing wrong. I was band for 24 hours that is bs for one mistake.

Submitted by Jeffrey Ziola on 05/11/2017

John Nicholson 4 stars rating.

Submitted by John Nicholson on 05/07/2017

matthew mcgivney 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Matthew Mcgivney on 04/22/2017

Dana Joyce 5 stars rating.

I loved my job at US Steel and I wouldn't have left but I got married and my future husband didn't want me to work after I got married.

Submitted by Dana Joyce on 04/19/2017

Michael Wineland 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Michael Wineland on 04/03/2017

Kostadin Gjorgjiev 3 stars rating.

Entrance for truck over 12ft5inches is on buchanon st.
For exit use Govert rd.
When you check in electronically there are security questions that they ask, so be careful when you are pressing the answers. Wrong answer means 24h ban from the facility.

Submitted by Kostadin Gjorgjiev on 03/23/2017

Mike O 4 stars rating.

This was a good place to work. The SGT co-gen plant was clean and safety conscious. There is a good safety program in place and the US Steel employees were very helpful and friendly. I didn't like the whole badging process or the Merchant Mill gate and having to drive close to 3 miles to where I was working from the gate... But otherwise it was a good place to work.

Submitted by Mike O on 03/15/2017

Jt Livingstone 3 stars rating.

Submitted by Jt Livingstone on 01/22/2017

Carlos Medrano 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Carlos Medrano on 12/04/2016

Dipanjan Chakraborty 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Dipanjan Chakraborty on 10/11/2016

aguh1 n/a 1 stars rating.

High trailers look for the back road entrance
Or you will mess up trailer and truck
1/2 hour before appointment check in if your trailer is over 13' feet high you may not be able to get tru under the bridges there are several bridges one is real low

Submitted by Aguh1 N/a on 09/07/2016

David Chester 4 stars rating.

A great place to work

Submitted by David Chester on 07/22/2016

Aniyah Reed 3 stars rating.

Submitted by Aniyah Reed on 06/08/2016

Enrique Hernandez 5 stars rating.


Submitted by Enrique Hernandez on 04/08/2016

Jack Kelly 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Jack Kelly on 03/28/2016

William Griffey 1 stars rating.

Submitted by William Griffey on 12/15/2015

jamal lewis 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Jamal Lewis on 11/24/2015

Danny 4 stars rating.

Visitor Center / Pass Control ????

Submitted by Danny on 09/17/2015

Benny Ellis 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Benny Ellis on 07/30/2015